Set Building Workshop April 22-24 2016

Description: The goal of this workshop is to work together within a group of other students to construct a small miniature set that is appropriate for the production of a stop motion animated film. Students will be guided through the process from design to fabrication to filming by the instructor over the course of 3 days.

Download PDF for more information.



Noise Reduction Techniques

Here are some tutorials to deal with noisy audio (often when you make a mistake and forget to record sound with your picture – you only have the camera sound left and it is very poor).


Film280AD Resources


Here are documents that will be useful for students taking Film280AD: The Art of Podcasting

RED 4K workflow in Adobe Premiere

For Fourth Year Students. You will be shooting in 4K if you use the RED camera, so you will want to watch this video to learn how to deal with files larger than HD (he is editing 5K in this video but the principle is the same for any large R3D RED Movie file).

Starting up Film Dept Workstations (ed133.1 ed174)

Starting up

Getting Started in Premiere

Getting Started in Premiere PDF.
This tutorial will help you get started on UofR Film Dept Windows Stations.

Rack Focus

Download this PDF to learn a few tips about the rack focus.