These DVDs are available from the Archer Library. They were made by the Australian Film TV and Radio School. They are an interesting glimpse into a variety of lighting techniques through practical observation of some DOP’s and grips at work. Here are the subjects and call numbers:

John Seale / Lighting Dead Poets Society – TR 891 L54 1993
Donald Mcalpine & Denis Lenoir / Studio Lighting Comparative Work – TR 850S78 1994
Geoff Burton – Location Lighting – TR 891 L63 1994
Dean Semler – Lighting Daces with Wolves (Studio) – TR 891 L53 1994

They are all good: Lighting Dead Poets Society is one of the better ones. Also Studio Lighting Comparative study is interesting because you see the same scenes shot by two different directors who emphasize two different aspects of the scenes and light with a more American style versus a more European/French naturalism.

The equipment they are using is a little different from what we are using: they are shooting on 35mm film, but they still use redheads, CTO gels, spun, c-stands, inkies (small fresnels), that students have access to.

Great glimpse of what its like to work on a film set and working through all the problem solving you have to get through to get the shot.