People seem to have a lot of problems capturing their HDV tapes in AVID. Here are a few of the most common errors and how to solve them.

This is the AVID Capture Window…

If you are not getting picture or sound – make sure your Video and Audio1 and 2 tracks are turned on. TC means TIMECODE and it too should be on. If you turn timecode off, you will still be able to capture from your tape, but the computer will make all new timecode for your footage. Turning off the TC is a last resort when capturing finicky tapes.

If you click on V and a message comes up that says NO INPUT. Then your project is not set to HDV. Go to Project Window -> Format.
Your settings should be 1080i/59.94 | 16:9 | YCbCr 709 | 1440×1080.

Always check whether your video is being saved to the partition named with YOUR LAST NAME, not C: drive or anywhere else. (Of course you should always use Tools -> Media Creation to set up your drive before you start capturing, editing or anything else, and AVID should always remember this setting).

If you see any type of error message in the black screen above the jog shuttle and transport controls, such as I/O ERROR you need to auto configure your deck. When you auto configure a new window will pop up asking to make a new tape.

Double click the little black square and you should hear the deck or camera make tape noises and timecode will replace any error messages in the black window (previous picture).